Is Trump going to be like FDR?

We wake up to a new world. A world in which the media in both Television and Newspapers have been proved wrong.

A world in which polls have become a laughing stock, in which only the neurotic can believe they have any significance.

Political analysts and pundits who claim prior knowledge to everything from God was a woman to Trump cannot win.

In the USA, they have all been proved wrong.

The real winner is Putin. He is now the international leader as the Americans will return to isolationism. No more will the US go to war – Trump knows it is too expensive.

Forget the Moon and Mars it is time to build a wall around the United States.

He will of course build new golf courses.

Obama-care is out and  new jobs building hospitals, prisons, and a defence against anyone trying to enter the country.


FDR had the right idea – get the country back to work, use the dollar to invest in the USA, and build an American world…and bugger the rest. Mind you, he did see the danger of Hitler.

Perhaps we have been wrong about Donald…could he be a good man?

by Robbo Green


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