Is Heineken interactive ad as good as their beer?

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This is not your normal beer advert…actually, it’s not your normal advert period. Is the new Skyfall interactive advert as good as Heineken’s beer?

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Usually, I would steer clear of any interactive internet based application. I see kids and adults with their heads tilted downwards towards their iPhone, iPad etc., everywhere I go. It is the height of rudeness and usually a ‘total waste of time app’…but enough about my technology foibles.

So, I open the link, and…oh no…I’ve got to interact.

But wait a moment…there’s James Bond…and look…there’s a, quite stunningly beautiful girl…and she’s talking to me. OK, I’m interested…I’ll continue.

All of a sudden, I’m a special agent. That’s right, I’ve been given the go ahead to do a job for James Bond.

Well, I’ve never wanted to be anyone, but if I DID, it would be James Bond.

This mission didn’t self-destruct in 5 seconds…and I’m glad it didn’t…and I actually think it’s blooming marvelous this is interactive.

Wonderfully thought up and a great idea…not forgetting that Heineken does have a very unique taste of it’s own which sets it aside from other beers and lagers. Also, this James Bond movie is the best one I’ve seen in a long time. Craig Daniel does a fantastic job in Skyfall.

I like the fact this advert has James Bond in it, there’s a gorgeous girl and I like it that she was impressed with me. But I’m hugely disappointed that this lovely looking Bond girl is going back to James Bond…I was hoping to see her again.

Never mind…such is the life of a secret agent.

by Harry Harper


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