I’m fed up with a negative government

I am beginning to think Australian politics is looking like the American system.

When a vote is required for what ever reason, the opposition will take an opposing view and delay or even stop the acceptance of the vote.

In America the medicare system proposed by the President, was opposed by the senate and the new leader.

Here we are delaying or changing the tax on backpackers. Surely the two major parties could discuss any problems before putting it to a vote. But no…say anything…and on the day get as much TV coverage as possible in dissing the opposition – This disruptive policy is working for Labor as they are topping the election or popularity polls.

How can we be expected to take our politicians seriously when it is only a popularity contest?

In the USA, the people voted against the main stream parties to elect Donald Trump Рit could happen here!

A great many voters will cast their votes for alternative parties with the expectations of not listening to negative dialogue from Turnbull and Shorten. Could a coalition of Greens, Farmers, and Nationalists form a new government?

You have been warned – Trump is a warning to us all.

by Robbo Green



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