Dumped Keith Semkin, the half-arsed Hamburglar has been jailed for breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s house and burning her clothes worth over $8000. He also cooked himself some hamburgers.

Keith William Semkin was drunk and then decided to destroy the property. This all happened on the same night that his ‘then’ girlfriend broke off their one-year relationship.

Semkin pleaded guilty in the NT Supreme Court to unlawfully entering a dwelling house and damaging property, and a separate incident of aggravated assault on the same woman.

The court heard that Semkin was drunk when he approached the woman at the Beachfront Hotel at Rapid Creek on July 23. He tried to get in a taxi she was sharing with her sister, and later went to her house before she got home. Semkin went inside, took all her clothes and underwear outside and set them on fire.

He then cooked hamburgers inside, but when the victim returned he hid and then fled the house.

Semkin was also sentenced for a later attack on her, after they had resumed their relationship but while he was on bail for the first offence.

The court heard he went to her city office with two knives and a claw hammer, and punched her to the head before she could get away.

When the victim was on the ground Semkin punched her in the head four times and kicked her four times before a member of the public stopped him.

He was drunk, and the victim had bruises, bumps, scratches and swelling.

In sentencing, Justice Judith Kelly noted that Semkin’s criminal history was a lengthy one.

Semkin was sentenced to fours years in prison, suspended after he serves 12 months.

For three years after his release he will be under supervision, will not be allowed to buy, possess or drink alcohol and not approach the victim or her immediate family.


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