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Frolicking is not allowed in Williams,WA

The town of Williams in Western Australia is usually a quiet town.

But a pub has been fined $7500 after CCTV footage revealed an illegal party with naked punters frolicking on the bar and helping themslves to booze.

The owners of the Williams Hotel had been found to have acted irresponsibly by the Liquor Commission after the local footy grand final last year in September.

The hotel had an extended trading permit until 11pm but the CCTV showed patrons were drinking well after 11pm and very drunk. It was on the same footage that nudity was found.

But it shouldn’t really matter…I mean, nobody was hurt, and what’s wrong with being nude? It was behind closed doors so it’s not as if minors saw any frolicking. And if you can’t ‘frolicke’ on a grand final day…then when on earth can you?

by John Jackson

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