Fosters introduces Carlton Dry Fusion Black

Carlton & United Breweries last week announced the addition of a new flavoured beer, Carlton Dry Fusion Black, to its portfolio of beers.

The flavoured beer category is in its infancy in Australia, with Carlton Dry Fusion Lime taking market leadership after its launch in December 2007. Carlton Dry Fusion Lemon followed in March 2009. Fosters said Carlton Dry Fusion Black is the next step in a new and exciting flavour experience in beer for consumers.

Carlton Dry Fusion Black is brewed with citrus and spice flavours to create a unique-tasting beer with low bitterness, offering a new palatable flavour aimed at the 18-24-year-old market.

The company described Carlton Dry Fusion Black as a bright lager, which combining subtle citrus sweetness with selected spices and low bitterness to deliver a refreshing, smooth, clean and crisp fullstrength beer.

“About 16 million litres of flavoured beer is consumed each year in Australia, and that volume is set to grow even further in 2011 as innovative new flavour combinations like Carlton Dry Fusion Black hit the shelves,” said Vincent Ruiu, Carlton group marketing manager.

“As Australia’s leading brewer it’s our challenge to develop new and innovative brews, and Carlton Dry Fusion Black fits the bill.”

The brand will be supported by a sampling program in both on-premise and off-premise outlets, with visuals of the product, supported by the tagline ‘Bitter Sweet’. The new Fusion variant will be backed by a broader program on the Carlton Dry brand that includes a multi-million dollar advertising campaign.

Carlton Dry Fusion Black will be widely available from premium bars, clubs, restaurants and bottle-shops from November 1st at a RRP of $42.99 (on promotion).


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