Female G spot lost in space!

Men searching for the ultimate kick and women too can forget it, the secret female G spot has been lost and was last seen heading towards a “black hole” somewhere in the galaxy.

After all the years of trying, prodding, stroking, rubbing, tickling and licking it seems that the G spot is actually not there anymore.

Scientists have discovered that it was lost in the evolutionary process and women who just complain of headaches and being tired are just not admitting the truth that their G spot has disappeared.

Frustrated men, hoping that their female partners scream Eureka, scratch their backs, jump on top, 69 it, go into ecstatic erotic trances and other things (use a vibrator maybe) can forget it, it aint there any more.

The question now is; are females faking it all when they climax after being tickled on their non-existent G spots?

Frustrated men please refrain from attempting to find the female G spot from the rear, that’s also been lost in a “brown hole” somewhere in space!


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