Female flasher escapes arrest

Voyeuristic Berlin flasher Annette Kaiser, who comes and goes in the blink of an eye, is flaunting a loophole in the law which says she can’t be prosecuted for her ‘crime’ unless she gets turned on in the act.

Police are at a loss as to how they can prosecute 34-year-old Kaiser because, in Germany, simply flashing some flesh isn’t a crime – authorities must prove the perpetrator is sexually aroused.

Officers say that catching men is easy because its pretty obvious if they’re excited.

Women, though, are different, the German police cleverly observed.

‘If a man drops his trousers, it is easy to see he is excited, but with a woman that is not possible,’ a spokesman explained.

Naughty Miss Kaiser says she’ll continue to swan around in the nude because she likes the feeling of freedom.

‘I like to show off my body. I give men an eyeful and then I’m quickly gone,’ she added.


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