Facebook film on it’s way

A new movie called The Social Network portrays the founder of Facebook as a jealous, backstabbing creep who stole the idea for the website that made him a billionaire.

It’s going to be a hollywood blockbuster. It tells how the site’s secretive founder Mark Zuckerberg was asked by two pals to design a social networking website. Three months later, he launched his own.

The film shows Zuckerberg, now worth an estimated $8billion, hacking into the computer system at his university to steal pictures of female students.

He then cons his best friend to come up with the cash to start Facebook.

Zuckerberg is played as a conniving schemer by rising star Jesse Eisenberg. It’s estimated that the film will cost around $50million and has already been tipped for an Oscar next year.

Director David Fincher has tagged the film, ‘You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies’.

by Robbo Green


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