EPL is back, but are there better, safer options?

Yes the EPL has joined the AFL and NRL and is back.

Now, Australia has done brilliantly in containing COVID-19, and this is why the NRL and AFL is back (albeit without spectators).

But the problem in the UK is that there are still hundreds of people dying every day!

All it takes is just one player or a member of staff that have been present during these games to fall ill with the Corona virus…and what if they die…? – it will be all back to square one again, putting everything backwards…not forgetting that someone would have died.

This virus is ever so contagious,…so why has the English Premier League decided to restart the season a time when people are still dying?

There are many reasons why is should and shouldn’t – contracts are a big one. Especially viewing rights, but players contracts come into the frame too.

But the title of this article asks if there is a better and safer options…I think there is…

The season 2019/20 should continue only…if here are zero people dying. Once this is the case for month, the season can then continue with spectators.

For instance, if the season were to go ahead in November…or even January/February next year, the season could be finished, with the FA Cup in May. The European cups can continue, and the Euro’s (which was meant to be happening this year) can happen next year as well.

All that would happen is the season 2020/21 would be missed out, and then the season 2021/22 can then start as per normal.

There are 4 professional divisions in England, and there are multi-millions of dollars/pounds that funds the EPL – a portion of these millions should assist the lower leagues (who rely on gate attendances, bar sales etc. to survive).

As for the players who are out of contract or have to take a pay cut…well, if they don’t want to do that, then sack them – because one weeks’ wage from these so-called superstars would probably support a lower league team for a year…yes, they can afford it.

I have been talking about the EPL coming back – yes, great…let’s do it…but it must be safe…surely?

by Terence Johns


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