Dress code for Ruby Rose

TV TALENT Ruby Rose got into a quarrel with Qantas staff this week after being refused access to a business class seat for breaching the airline dress code.

Unfortunately for the rookie fashion designer, she was wearing the line of clothing she personally created for boutique label Milk and Honey.

Having just returned from LA early on Sunday morning, airport spies witnessed an “argument” between Rose and some Sydney staffers while she checked in for a flight to Perth, where she was heading to – of course – promote her apparel. But the pants were inappropriate.

The MTV presenter’s agent, Mark Byrne, yesterday confirmed Rose was wearing the distressed denim jeans that appear in her Myer-stocked capsule collection but said she wasn’t “throwing a wobbly”, as our source maintained.

“You can’t be upgraded in ripped denim,” he said with a chuckle. “They were her Milk and Honey jeans [but] she ended up flying business.

“She did not feel she had a big fight with them [Qantas staff],” he said.

Confidential had heard Rose had been upgraded on the staff benefits of a friend, which was why she was bound by dress restrictions.

“If you were a full-fare paying customer you could wear what you want, within reason,” an airport insider confirmed.

Rose sent us a picture late yesterday from Perth, to show her caution on her return flight. Apparently, no one looked twice.

Buford Balony says: Too bad all lesbians don’t look like her.


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