Dope smoking Dutch soldiers ignore orders to help Aussies

While investigating the history of Afghanistan, I discovered the problems other great powers had in trying to defeat these wild hill tribesmen.

From Alexander the Great to Genghis Khan, and the military powers of the British Empire and the vast strength of mother Russia, and of course lately the USA.

All of them defeated Afghans in battle but failed to win the war in the harsh and hilly mountains, and had to retreat ignominiously.

Why are we there ?

And at an enormous cost, both in money and human lives.

Australians are welcomed by all the other combatants for their courage and efficiency in battle.

The Dutch on the other hand have not won a war for centuries,  and it shows when, allegedly, instead of supporting us they followed orders  and fucked off.

It gives a new understanding of the words ‘Going Dutch’…only one of us has to pay .

It’s time we asked what are we there for ?

Can we afford it ?

And who is actually on our side ?

And don’t say to combat terrorists, because Bin Laden isn’t in Afghanistan. Rumour has it he lives in Pakistan.

by P.T.Brown M.G.


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