Dolphin scientist plans to teach “Dolphinese”

A Dr Doolittle style scientist claims to have found a way of chatting with dolphins.

Dr Denise Herzing says she can hold conversations with the creatures after spending 26 years working with them…and now plans to teach others “Dolphinese”.

It took her 26 years to come out with this…classic…statement: “It is a series of clicking and whistling sounds, like the noises they use with each other”.

The US genius of the bloody obvious adds, “We are close to having a meaningful exchange with dolphins within five years”.

The intelligent mammals have been taught to understand ‘fetch’, ‘ball’, and ‘man’ in captivity for years. But Dr Herzig, 54, claims to be the first expert to develop two-way communication.

I’ll leave you with another statement from the doctor: “You must approach in a gentle manner”.

She is just brilliant. It took her twenty-six years to come out with those gems. Dr Herzig, whatever you’re being paid, isn’t nearly enough.

by Sel Hurst


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