Dog restaurant…how ridiculous

It may sound like a barking mad scheme to some, but Chew Chew, in Sydney, is proving a massive hit with its mouth-watering range of meals for mutts.

The menu features dishes such as beef steak with mushrooms and chicken wings, fish soup and chicken wings and lamb bones.

It is ridiculous. What sane person would take their dog with a neighbours dog for a romantic dinner for two. These people, may have watched Lady and the Tramp one time too many.

If owners’ pooches fancy a coffee, no problem, but Chew Chew serves its ‘doggie-cinos’ with a sprinkling of dried liver treats.

Pet lovers who live too far away to visit Chew Chew are catered for, as well, because they can order products online.

The unusual restaurant, which opened in June, is run by pet nutritionist Naoko Okamoto, who told The Sydney Morning Herald that a lot of owners had been waiting for a place they can bring their dog.

She said: ‘I started with organic dog biscuits and supplements and selling them at the markets and spent three years finding out the customers’ needs.’

This is incredible…what Ozzie would honestly, really honestly take their dog to a “doggie restaurant”?

It’s just too difficult to believe. Only Americans or posh upper class English would go to this. What is the world coming to.

But I suppose good luck to them. If people want to take their dog to Chew Chews, then go ahead, see if I care. But I can’t see the business lasting. I hope it does, I really do. We’ll have to check up on it in about 6 months or so and see how it’s doing.

I suppose the owners can take home a…wait for it…”doggie bag” home, in case their dogs are full.

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by Milo Johnson


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