Dirty Harry makes Julia Gillards day

Paul the Octopus may have predicted the World Cup winner, but Dirty Harry, the psychic crocodile, has backed Julia Gillard to win the Australian election.

Harry, a saltwater croc who also predicted Spain would win the World Cup, only to be overshadowed by the German mystic Paul, made his choice in his enclosure in the nothern city of Darwin.

He snatched a chicken carcass dangling beneath a caricature of Ms Gillard. Opposition leader Tony Abbott’s chicken was left hanging.

The Australian election is on a knife edge with both major parties locked on 50 per cent of the vote, indicating that the country could be headed for a hung parliament in Saturday’s vote.

One of the last opinion polls before election day has put Julia Gillard, the Labour prime minister, and Tony Abbott, the leader of the Liberal-National Coalition, on 50 per cent of the vote each.

The figures, compiled by Newspoll and published in the Australian newspaper, take into account Australia’s complex preferential voting system, where the majority of votes given to unsuccessful Greens Party members are passed on to Labour.


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