Did George Michael die of a heroin overdose?

George Michael, dead at the age of 53.

According to UK newspapers, George has been battling with heroin addiction. He had been rushed into hospital over the last year on several occasions being treated for heroin over-usage.

George has been plagued by the press for years regarding his health, HIV and AIDS. In 2011, ex-partner of George’s, Anselmo Feleppa, died of AIDS. That same year, his mum died of skin cancer, and he was given a 5 year driving ban after being found guilty of driving under the influence of drugs. But 2011 wasn’t yet finished for him – he publicly ended his long relationship with Kenny Goss, and was treated for pneumonia. He was pumped so much with drugs that his body became so stiff, that he had to learn to walk again.

But it was George’s mental health that has also suffered over the years. He had also suffered with weight. In the last photo of George Michael, he was seen eating out at a restaurant, looking very bloated – which makes me think twice about his heroin addiction. Most heroin addicts cannot eat too much, and never look overweight.

George Michael had an amazing voice and wrote some great songs. Let’s not forget that Wham were the first pop group to play in China.

The estate of George Michael’s will comes to an estimated $180 million. George was over generous and gave lots to charities. There are many charities out there who have openly admitted that they would not be able to survive without George Michaels generosity.

It must be said that George Michael had many issues, as a lot of us do. And some say that he may have been a bit of a drama queen…and some say he was just a regular old queen. But it is very sad that George was at such a loss through the last 5 years of his life. I don’t think he ever got over losing his mum to skin cancer, or his boyfriend to AIDS. He may well have been HIV positive…who knows.

George Michael – a great talent which we’ll unfortunately not see again – I just hope he is at peace now.

by Wallace McTavish


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