David Arquette and his forgettable bird split

David Arquette has split from his presenter girlfriend Christina  McLarty.

The 40-year-old actor broke the news via his Twitter page.

He said: “Sadly I’m single again. A long distance relationship proved to  be too difficult.”

Christina — a reporter for US show Entertainment Tonight — is based  in New York, while David lives in Los Angeles.

In previous interviews the couple talked of how they tried to make things work  by never going longer than two weeks apart and making the most of the time  they did get together by staying in a lot.

However it seems it just wasn’t enough for the couple who got together last  summer following David’s estrangement from wife Courteney Cox.

He has a seven-year-old daughter — Coco — with the Friends actress.  The pair decided to have a “trial separation” in October 2010  which led to their eventual split.

Both David and Courteney have struggled with their break-up.

He has confessed in the past that the first time he had sex with a new woman  he was reduced to tears, and that when he started dating Christina both he  and the actress “cried” realising that their marriage was finished  for good.

And last month Courteney, 47, admitted  that she has not had sex with another man since the separation.

She said: “I have not had sex. It’s been about a year. I’m holding to it.  I’ve not had a man since David. I’ve made out with one guy.”

by Lorelle Heath




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