Crashes and Fires – in the news every bloody day

I wake up every morning, as I hope most of us do.

I turn on the TV and watch the news. It doesn’t matter which channel it is, because it’s all pretty cheesy.

But every day I am greeted with the same news item.

‘A House is on Fire’ and ‘A Car Crash’. Sometimes there’s a variation on the car crash when someone crashes into someone’s house.

This is a regular occurrence. It’s bad enough that we live in a very hot and dry country and are susceptible to fires. But there is a house fire almost every other day – why is this?


The car crashes…some fatal…some not. But the crashing into peoples houses? – why is this?

Last week, four children were lucky to escape without being seriously injured when a car crashed into a house.


I can answer the driving one. We have got to be the worst drivers in the western world. If you don’t know that we are, then you must be one the those bad drivers.

Tail-gating…these drivers haven’t got a clue. And allowing someone under 20 years of age to have a V8 is just ludicrous. I’m not getting old and grumpy…well, maybe a little…but these drivers are fucking dangerous.

We need to be more stringent on who we give driving licenses to. It seems that these are obtained all to easily nowadays…well that’s what I think.

And the fires…well, I don’t know too much about the reason for this regular occurrence. But arsonists should be given stronger sentences.

There’s a lot of dickheads out there who cannot drive, and who like starting fires.

They should all be given much stronger sentences – the bad drivers and fire-starters.

I do know that accidents do happen, but if there were tougher consequences, then I do believe that people would think a bit more before doing, and pay more attention to doing the right thing.

Let me know what your thoughts are on this.

Am I the only one who see this pattern on the news every single day?

If these stories were not covered, then it wouldn’t be on the news, and we wouldn’t know anything different. But they ARE on the news, and we do know about it.

Also, if you have any ideas of how to  this could be changed for the better, then please let us know.

I would be interested in what you’ve all got to say.

This is a problem – and I can’t see the obvious answer to getting this solved without being called a Fascist.

by Sel Hurst 


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