Corellas are considered criminal by WA police

WA Police officers are planning to shoot hundreds of long-billed and little Corellas along the Swan River in Maylands.

It is reported that the noisy birds, who quickly infiltrated the WA Police defence lines and followed with a massive population boom (much in the same way as a crack special forces unit), have completely over-run the trees along the Police horse stables on Swan Bank Road, destroying plant life and eating vast amounts of expensive horse feed.

Police, who supposedly deal with dangerous and violent criminals for a profession, were seemingly overwhelmed by the army of small flying critters and contacted an expert on small flying critters at the Department of Environment and Conservation, zoologist Dr Peter Mawson.

Dr Mawson said that Police, under the strict supervision of some grown up Environmental Officers, will use low powered .22 calibre rifles, air rifles, and possibly rubber glove guns to cull the pesky, yet obviously deadly birds.

It has been suggested that maybe the WA Police Force should just stick to what they are good at, and taser the birds repeatedly.

by Jeff Millins


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