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Complaint lodged over fake Bryant Facebook page

The Tasmanian government has lodged an urgent complaint over a fake Facebook page purporting to be Port Arthur mass murderer Martin Bryant.

The page includes several photos of Bryant, who killed 35 people in a 1996 shooting rampage, and distasteful comments attributed to him.

Tasmanian Attorney-General Brian Wightman has asked Facebook to remove the page and expects it to be taken down soon.

“The Tasmanian government strongly condemns this behaviour,” Mr Wightman said in a statement.

“It’s offensive and insensitive towards people affected by the Port Arthur tragedy, and the Tasmanian community in general.”

Mr Wightman said three similar pages were removed last year when the government contacted Facebook.

“I’ll be following up this issue personally by writing to Facebook,” he said.

“Our sympathies go to any families and individuals upset by this offensive and unacceptable page.”

Bryant is serving 35 life sentences in prison.

by Sel Hurst

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