Clive James fights leukaemia

Clive James has been secretly fighting leukaemia for more than a year.

Clive, 71, was diagnosed with the killer disease in January 2010.

He bravely kept his illness to himself until journalist friend Luke Slattery guessed he wasn’t well and wrote to him.

In 2010 Clive was hauled in to hospital for kidney failure…and was immediately diagnosed for everything else. Including lung diseases and a version of leukaemia that is supposed to develop slowly…but it Clive’s case, couldn’t wait to get started.

Sydney born Journalist and author who now lives in Cambridge, England was a friend of Princess Diana.

Clive’s worst complaint about his illness is that he’s not allowed to fly, and is missing out on his frequent flights to Australia. His energy isn’t at its highest but he hopes to publish a second volumne of his book Cultural Amnesia, and to finish a poetry collection that he wants to finish in a few years…but he added, “If I’m still around.”

by Robbo Green


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