Carrie Fisher overshadowed by her mum in death

Debbie Reynolds, star of over 80 movies, died 1 day after her daughter Carrie Fisher of a severe stroke.

She starred in ‘How The West Was Won (1963)’ and ‘The Unsinkable Molly Brown (1964)’. And also for her singing. The single ‘Tammy’ reached number one in the US in 1957, and she released her first pop album named ‘Debbie’ in 1959.

Debbie Reynolds was a larger than life character…on the stage…but also at home. ‘There’s no business like show business’ was a motto that Reynolds used frequently.

Carrie Fisher had an extremely tough time groing up with Reynolds as her mother. Debbie Reynolds was so Hollywood and Show Business obsessed, that it became her life for 24 hours a day. Family issues were not really recognised, and the motherhood thing…well…it just wasn’t there.

Debbie Reynolds could sing – Carrie Fisher could not.

Debbie Reynolds could dance – Carrie Fisher could not.

One thing Carrie Fisher was better at was writing – she was a terrific writer. As for Reynolds, well, she could sing and dance, but was not a great actress. If she’s to be remembered for anything, she will remembered for being a star of Las Vegas.

Star Wars icon, Carrie Fisher lived in a constant shadow of her mother for most of her life, and also in and out of rehab for drink and drugs. In my humble opinion, Fisher was driven to this not only by the Hollywood life, but also by her mother, who was a non-mother. Her father, Eddie Fisher, was a drug taker and alcoholic, and ended up leaving Reynolds for Elizabeth Taylor – Reynolds has said, ‘Elizabeth Taylor did a great thing getting Eddie out of the house and away from me’ – although, Taylor soon got rid of him as well.

Everything that Carrie Fisher did in her life was always compared to her mum. The press, are of course, partly to blame. But Reynolds did inadvertantly frequently remind Fisher that she was a bigger star that her .

If only Debbie Reynolds could have switched off the show business at home – things would have been better for Carrie Fisher as a child growing up.

Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds did not speak for around 15 years.

As Reynolds got older and was less in the limelight, their relationship was reignited. Carrie Fisher even moved next door to her mother.

Show business is a crazy business, and I am certain that Debbie Renolds loved her daughter – but it seems that she has overshadowed her daughter…even in death.

I think that Carrie Fisher would have been slightly pissed off that her mother died a day after her, and still took over her swansong, her moment.

There was a love for each other, but in the end, it was the circumstantial life that thwarted their relationship…as does alot of Hollywood relationships.

A joint funeral is to happen for Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher, and they will be buried together. I suppose they can now be at peace with each other.

by Sasha Dubronitz




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