Burglar calls police as he’s confronted with a gun

A burglar in Texas hid in a car and called the police when a home owner confronted him before coming after him with a gun.

The suspect, identified as Christopher Lance Moore, allegedly broke into a home in Springtown in Texas at 12:30am Tuesday morning.

He was soon confronted by James Gerow who pointed his pistol at Mr Moore and asked him what he was doing in his house. Mr Moore soon gave up his keys saying he was “unlucky’.

Mr Moore fled as Mr Gerow’s wife called 911 while her husband was in hot pursuit with his weapon pointed at the man.

Mr Gerow followed the man out to his truck where Mr Moore called police for help as “some guy has a gun on me”.

Mr Gerow locked Mr Moore’s car in with his own truck and had his 13-year-old son cover him with a shot gun.

Mr Moore was later arrested and charged with burglary.

by Sasha Dubronitz


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