Bullies – gutless authorities are to blame

Education is the most important driving force in our civilisation.

From the classical Greeks who used schools and teaching to improve the understanding of modern man. Through history, it was the Victorians who made it possible for the ordinary children to attend schools.

In the past only  the rich and religious could read and write. It is impossible to under estimate the value given to us by our ancestors who enforced the need for education.

There has always been bullying, greed, envy, jealousy, violence and plain evil minded children.

Harsh home life, violence in the home, poverty all are put forward for bullying. In modern life today you can add single parenting, and both parents going to work to maintain a decent way of living.

Schools have become a baby sitting service, and the government backs up the parents by stopping the teachers from doing what they are there for…to teach our children.

All these are symptoms, excuses if you like put to us by parents and condoned by teaching authorities. Forget the reasons and the excuses. Ask yourself just one question. What are schools for ?

To educate…say it again, TO EDUCATE !

Todays children have become excellent at using the system, bullying has become an art. Camera videoing violent attacks on children, sly and vicious texting, and they get away with it, because the schools say there is nothing other than a suspension they can do to stop the bullies.

Again what is the reason for schools…TO EDUCATE !

Once you understand what school is all about, the eradication of bullying is simple.

No excuses, no hard luck stories, no silly nanny state interference.

If children don’t obey the rules, and if there is any form of bullying, they must be refused admittance to school.

We educate, we teach, they learn…school has no responsibility over parental control, bad manners, violent behaviour, and the politicians should learn to leave our schools to do what they do best.

It is GUTLESS authorities and government who are feeding the bullying in our schools.

They could end bullying today and stop the pain and suffering, and worse that takes place daily in Australia. If you as a parent had to stay home and teach your child, because your child was a bully and could not go to school, do you think  his behaviour would improve?

Frankly I don’t care because they are not at school stopping my childrens education.

by Professor P.T. Brown


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