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Buford comes home

To my many millions of fans,I’m home.Your award winning sports writer has moved back to Australia.

I’ve been living in Alabama for the last few years & thought where in Oz is the place with the most in-bred,teeth missing,2 headed people(apart from Tassie) & rednecks.The only place could be Collie WA.I’m going to hunt the shit out of all the critters in the bush there.I’ve been back for about 3 months,but they only just let me son Cleedus out of quarantine last week.He now can’t stop licking his balls & sniffing ass but should grow out of it soon as I need him to put the dead squirrels back on the fence so I can shoot em again.

My award winning writing will keep you up to date with all the important sport happenings in the world & if I don’t write about your sport it must be shit & also if you don’t like what I write bad luck because you aren’t an award winning sports writer.

So,to all my loyal & dedicated fans,I will probably see you at 1 of the many events I cover & if you see Cleedus or myself there,you can always buy us a beer or a bourbon.

Here are some tips where you can make some money.Send all cheques to Ozzie News c/o Buford if you want to donate some winnings.



Champions-Wests Tigers

Wooden Spoon-Cronulla Sharks


State of Origin

NSW to break origin drought



Champions-Who gives a shit

Wooden Spoon-West Coast Eagles


Super 15


Top Aussie Team-Western Force


Rugby World Cup


Chokers-New Zealand


FA Cup




Daniel Ricciardo to win an F1 race this season


Eddie McGuire to get a speech impediment & shut the fuck up

Dennis Cometti & Mark Beretta to actually know something about sport

Ricky Ponting’s 2nd head to re-grow & he finally gets a 50

Several St Kilda players come out

Timana Tahu to stop whingeing,sorry that will never happen


By Buford Balony

I am the editor I am an editor Don't know what I want but I know how to get it I wanna destroy a burger and fries


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