Colonel Gaddafi’s not all that bad

“Colonel Gaddafi is a down to earth bloke, and he’s not a big head”

People are having a go at Colonel Gaddafi,but in reality he is a down to earth guy who hasn’t got a big head at all.He’s been a Colonel for 40 odd years,the leader of his people & hasn’t even promoted himself to General yet.What a bloke.

 BUT, there is another. Another down to earth Colonel who has been a Colonel longer,who also has absolute power,who could promote himself to General , who ALSO isn’t a big head. Because let’s face it, we all hate big heads and we always want big heads to lose.

Can you think of the other Colonel?

The other Colonel who never promoted himself…Colonel Saunders……he’s just fingerlickin good, ain’t he. Well, he ain’t that finger-lickin good. I’ve had severe food poisoning on several occaisions, in different KFC’s in my time.

Imagine the extra superannuation these blokes are missing out on because they haven’t promoted themselves,their quality of life in retirement will be inferior to what it could be.

To both Colonels…they may be shit-heads, but they’re not big-heads.

I salute you.

by Buford Balony


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