Breast implants are easy target when paintballing

A woman from South London is recovering after her breast implant was ruptured during a game of paintball…the first time such an injury is believed to have occurred in Britain.

The woman’s bizarre injury, suffered last weekend, caused UK Paintball…which operates more than 50 facilities throughout the UK…to insist that women with breast enhancements now wear extra chest protection, the Croydon Guardian reported.

And the company’s standard indemnity form now points out to customers that paintballs…capsules of dye fired from gas-powered guns in the game…can damage breast implants.

The 26-year-old was playing paintball at Whyteleafe, South London, when the incident took place.

A UK Paintball spokesman told the newspaper, “Part of the fun of paintball is that it hurts a bit when you get shot but in all the years we’ve been going we’ve never seen an incident like this.

“The incident has been a real wakeup call and nobody should ever feel worried for their safety during a game of paintball.

“But it’s worth remembering that having bigger breasts will make you an easier target for your enemies.”

by Sasha Dubronitz



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