Biggest bomb disposal of Afghan War so far

Bomb disposal heroes have carried out their biggest operation of the Afghan War…clearing a booby trapped village so driven out families could return.

Eighty soldiers spent eight days doing a fingertip search of one time Taliban hotspot Char Coucha, which was riddled with home made bombs.

More than 40 families have now been able to return home to the village in Helmland.

The search of more than 75 compounds, plus miles of tracks and alleyways was spear-headed by troops from 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment and bomb hunters from the Counter IED Task Force.

Throughout 2010, Char Coucha was the scene of intense fighting with insurgents.

Children are now playing in the streets…it’s a really amazing story. Char Couda had become a living memorial to those who fell whilst fighting the scourge of the Taliban in its compounds and streets.

Char Couda religious elder, Haji Khan said, “It’s a great achievement.

by Mike Hansom


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