Are we ready for Republicanism and a change of flag

Once again we celebrated our national day.

The weather was fine, the ocean washed our shores and also our hearts. We were proud to be Australians. Hundreds were made citizens from hundreds of far away countries.We are learning  to grow with patience and good feelings for our new countrymen and women.

The outstanding fellowship and willing to work together to overcome natural disasters again proved we are a great society. Pride in ourselves and our country will drive us into the coming centuries with success and happiness.

Why then do some at this special time want to divert our pleasures to arguments about our flag and republicanism.

Who invited Michael Parkinson to tell us we should be a republic?  Who invited him to speak out on our special day?  Who is this old has been to tell us what our country should have become?  Who set him up to bring back discussions on the state only we have the right to propose?

Tell him to bugger off.

The first Australians were all from the UK, over the years we have given and received joys from being part of the family which is the Commonwealth of Australia.

Should we change our flag, should we forget our heritage?

We all take a dig now and then at Pommies, especially when they are lucky at cricket. But remember those words we all  cherish and brings a tear to the eyes…Lest We Forget…many a digger lies in foreign fields, after giving their lives so that we can enjoy the life here in the happy land.

My family left the UK to seek a better life, many returned to defend the mother country and are buried in Passchendale, and in Egypt. Does this mean I love Australia less, or that I feel a bond for the UK.

Rationally I think of the past and our joint histories, but also must look ahead to where we should be in the next millenium .

Can we stand alone – Of course we can.

Can we survive alone – of course we can.

What I ask myself is do we need to change. If its not broken why mend it.

Flags will change, I’m sure…but all in good time and when the time is right.

Personally I think the UK is lucky to have friends down under, friends who have never let them down . We are family and long may it remain so.

I do so miss having my regular winge about moaning  do gooders. They will design a new flag with open hands and money pouring out to everyone but Ozzies. A white flag so as not to upset all the minorities, no crosses allowed and no words in English in case we offend foreigners or those with speech problems.

All those who want a new flag should line up facing the wall in case they are accused of favouritism, and then shoot them.

Happy Australia day to miserable people everywhere, and leave my flag alone.

by TOG


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