Another Royal mess-up

We all make mistakes.

The difference between us and a Royal is we have to suffer the consequences.

Imagine you enter a country and make a TV show about squalid conditions in orphanages. But because you are a Royal and lacking any commonsense, you allegedly begin without the procedures in place. Simple rules like, are you breaking any laws?…Do you need permission before starting?

This could happen to any of us, and its not my reason for bringing this affair to your attention.

The difference, as I will explain is, you and I would have to face the courts and the penalties. The charges against the Royal could be punishable by a heavy fine or twenty years in jail. But after leaving the country and not returning for the expected trial, her lawyer has asked for a settlement.

Now this Royal has complained of having little or no money of her own, so who can we expect to come to her rescue and pay the bills?

If it was us poor commoners, do you think we  would have royal backing or do you think we  would do jail time?

I really like this lady. She is fresh and always in the middle of a crisis. Despite having private education and the best sporting training she manages to create havoc among the Royals.

She’s not thick and can converse with Kings, but somehow lacks that little thing called commonsense.

I like her.

The point is, you and I have to face life’s problems and take our medicine. As a royal you never have to carry the can…There is always someone else to make the tea…take you to dinner…pay your fines.

We have to pay our way…good or bad.

I wonder if she will marry me? I am poor, but like a laugh…she sounds just perfect.

by TOG


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