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Abdullah hasn’t got very long to live

It’s a wonderful thing to form a bond with an animal, but when that animal is a tiger with a fondness for fighting…you are risking your life everytime you come into contact.

Abdullah Sholeh, 31 has formed an unbreakable bond with four-year-old feline Mulan.

He regularly sleeps, plays and fights with the enormous tiger.

The pair spend every day together after Mr Sholeh helped raise her from a three-month-old cub in Malang, Indonesia.

He now cares for her full-time for owner Noer Mohammaed Sholeh…and has become affectionately known as the tiger nanny.

The pair are so inseparable, Mr Sholeh often shuns his own bed to sleep alongside the big cat in a rickety outhouse.

And Bengal Mulan is even known to ‘mock attack’, hug and kiss her companion when they play in the garden behind their home.

However, despite the playfighting, Mulan clearly doesn’t appreciate her strength.

Mr Sholeh was left with a bruised and bloodshot eye after being caught by one of Mulan’s paws.

by Sasha Dubronitz

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