Police break up violent party

A party in Mandurah, Western Australia got out of hand last night.

Part-goers threw stones, rocks and bottles at the police. A massive fight broke out and the police went in to break it up.

It was like something out of the Blues Brothers.

There were helicopters and well over 20 cars that were sent to the party last night, in Cassilis Court, Greenfields.

And after all of the police resource that was used for this “incident”, only 2 people were arrested. There may be more charges to come.

There were over 100 people involved but no damage was done to the property.

“It is disappointing that young people continue to consume alcohol and act in a disorderly manner,” Insp. Blair said. “They have no respect for police or any regard how it affects people who live in that community.

Actually, it’s even more disappointing that it took so much resource just to stop a fight at a party.

A house that is just across the street from me had a party about a year ago and there was a huge fight, where I could see a lot of people could have been arrested for the disgraceful behaviour that was going on. Damage to property, and just a general lack of respect to peoples homes in the street. Young folk pissing on peoples cars and the like. But, if next time there’s an outbreak of idiots who’ve tasted there 1st pint, then I will expect the works! I want helicopters, police cars…what the hell…send the army in.

The police are asking if parential supervision is in play.

Amazing…just amazing.

by Robbo Green


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