Derryn Hinch has a year to live without liver transplant

DERRYN Hinch says doctors have given him just 12 months to live unless he receives a liver transplant.

The 3AW radio host, who was diagnosed with liver cancer in September, was told by doctors this morning that a transplant appears to be his only hope of survival.

A day after appearing in the High Court in a bid to beat jail for publicly naming convicted sex offenders, Hinch was told by doctors that further surgery was no longer an option.

“It seems that a liver transplant is my only hope of long-term survival,” he said on his Drive program this afternoon.

Hinch, 66, was diagnosed with liver cancer in September, and was told at the time he had a 60 per cent chance of surviving the next five years.

Later that month he had part of his liver removed.

Hinch said he asked his doctor at the Austin Hospital how long he could expect to survive without a transplant: “He said 12 months”.

He said he would undergo an exhaustive series of tests before hopefully being put on the organ donor waiting list.

Hinch said he had received “good news and bad news” during his appointment at the Austin Hospital this morning.

“The bad news is that I have been told it’s a very bad cancer that I’ve got,” he said.

The good news was that “the chemotherapy has killed off some of the cancerous growth”.

Hinch said he would be resuming chemotherapy, but that doctors had ruled out further surgery.

Hinch said earlier this week he was prepared to go to jail again if he lost his High Court challenge.

The man dubbed the Human Headline said a prison term “wouldn’t be good, even if I were very healthy”.

But he said he was determined to fight the courts’ ability to suppress the names of rapists and paedophiles.

Hinch faces five charges of breaching suppression orders by naming the two sex offenders on the steps of State Parliament.

They had been released from jail on extended supervision orders with their names suppressed.


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