Aliens turned husband into a fish finger

A woman from South Australia claims that her husband has been turned into a fish finger by aliens.

Last week, Diane Ravensbury from the northern suburbs of Adelaide, aged 61, claimed that a spaceship came down and took her husband away. Diane didn’t want us to reveal the location of where she lived.

About twenty minutes later, he was returned in the form of a fish finger.

“There was a strange humming sound, I thought that the swimming pool pump had been left on”, Diane said.

“I said to Sid (her husband) to go out the back and have a look at the pool, to see if it was making a noise”.

“About 20 minutes had gone and I thought, that’s strange, he should be in by now. But he’d recently given up smoking and I thought that he might be having a crafty cigarette”.

This may sound like a joke, but Sid Ravensbury has gone missing. His wife, Diane and his family and friends are very worried about him, but he can’t be found anywhere.

Diane expalined to us at Ozzie News, “I had all of the lights on out the back. I thought the worst, that Sid may have had a heart-attack and fallen over in the garden. But I looked up and in the distance, sort of straight up, there was a light…it wasn’t an aeroplane…it wasn’t anything I’d ever seen before”.

She then went on to tell us that she didn’t believe in UFO’s but what she saw was nothing she’d ever seen in the sky.

“It was nothing like I’d ever seen…which makes it a UFO, I suppose”, she admitted.

Diane Ravensbury then looked down and saw a fish-finger on her recently paved back garden. She put two and two together, picked the fish finger up and took it inside. She said that her and Sid didn’t like fish-fingers, so she couldn’t understand why there was one in her garden.

There was a similar story in England earlier this year, and upon investigation, the husband was never found, alive or dead.

Diane took the fish finger in and placed it upon the chair where her husband, Sid, usually sits.

“I talked to him. I asked how he was, and how he was feeling. I did feel stupid but there was no other explanation as to why I was doing it but…I just know it’s him…my Sidney”.

“I even asked him what it’s like being in a space ship. Obviously, he didn’t answer me”.

She did call the police but they never turned up. They obviously thought it was a joke…but…maybe it isn’t. I mean, honestly? OK, the fish finger story sounds and is ridiculous, but there is still a man that is missing.

I’m lead to believe that the Adelaide Police have already started the search for Sidney Ravensbury.

When Ozzie News went to see Diane, she did ask us if we could bring some fish fingers so they can maybe keep her husband company.

We complied to this request.

It’s easy to laugh about this, but the fact remains that Sid Ravensbury is still missing.

The search continues.

by Milo Johnson


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