13 year old assaulted in Melbourne

A man fled on a train after allegedly indecently assaulting a 13 year old girl in a busy crowd at Melbournes Flinders Street station.

Police said the 13 year old Prahran girl had been out with friends for the day and was on her way to catch a train home when she was assaulted on a station escalator about 6:15pm on Sunday.

Detective Senior Constable Craig Buttigieg said the man had allegedly followed and assaulted the teenager on the escalator and the train platform with a number of people around them.

“She was just listening to her ipod, just travelling down the escalator and he’s approached her from behind and he’s touched her from behind,” Buttigeig said.

“And then he’s had a brief conversation with her and touched her on the front of her body as well and then he’s walked off.”

DSC Buttigeig said the man, who appears to be in his early 20’s had asked the girl her age before leaving her alone.

However, he then attempted to follow her as she returned to the main station area, fleeing only to catch a Frankston bound train only when she approached Metro staff.

He said there were many people nearby who may have witnessed the incident.

“Obviously it’s very concerning, it’s completely inappropriate behaviour and I’d like to say the fact he’s done that when it is quite populated, that area, just shows that he clearly has no regard for nobody else.”

Despite the number of people around at the time of the incident, no witnessess had contacted the police or spoken to the girl at the scene.

Releasing CCTV footage of the man wanted for questionoing, DSC Buttigeig said he hoped there would be several witnesses who could help.

He said the footage showed the man had been loitering at the station for some time and appeared to target the victim very deliberatley, she was very upset at the time.


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