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Was Ke$ha wearing underwear at Billboards

Ke$ha remains tight lipped about that dress she wore at the Billboard Music Awards recently, saying she’ll never tell us if she wore underwear!

Was Ke$ha wearing underwear

Ke$ha’s black Givenchy dress with a dangerous hip-high split on either side, caused a huge stir with everyone speculating if she was going commando or somehow hiding a tiny pair of undies!

However, the Crazy Kids singer hinted that perhaps she wasn’t wearing any knickers!

“I’m never going to tell, that’s a secret that’s gonna go with me to my grave!” Ke$ha said.

“We had to look at how windy it was outside before I decided I was gonna wear that dress because I didn’t want the whole world seeing my, you know…”

Well, if that’s not a good enough hint, we don’t know what is.

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