Courtney Love wins mother of the year award

Courtney Love has had many tragedies of her life, from the suicide of Kurt Cobain, continuing drug habits. But the real tragedy is with her daughter, Frances. And you can maybe feel for Love.

Having said this, she is probably one of the most cunning and cold people on the planet.

Frances put in a court request to have herself removed from Courtney’s custody, and went to live with her grandmother, Kurt’s mother. There have been allegations of physical abuse in the past, mainly when she was much younger, but it is not known what the exact cause of the custodial request was.

Why would this happen, I hear you ask.

Maybe it’s because Frances has read, “Who Killed Kurt Cobain”. A book which does not glorify the late Kurt Cobains life, and nor does it sweep it under the carpet. It just tells the facts…that’s all. And  everything that was…shall we say…dodgy, not quite right or didn’t add up, Courtneys name was on all over it.

Or is it to do with the large trust fund created by her late father, which Courtney has been accused of stealing from over the years to pay for risky behaviors post Hole.

Frances also had an additional ruling that she was not to be contacted until she came of age, which was this week, it seems like there might be some other allegations in there, which would show Courtney somehow being bad for her well being. We can only speculate.

Now that Frances that has turned 18, Courtney has been publicly coaxing her daughter to come back and live with her. She’s even gone onto Twitter. Why the public outburst? Surely it would be better to contact your daughter without the world knowing. You have all of Nirvana’s money, so you could in fact get to anywhere in the world, go anywhere you want to.

For f***s sake Courtney, if you can do one thing right, one thing…then get in touch with your daughter and make right what you’ve probably done wrong.

by Wallace McTavish


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