They’ve just started shaving…that’s right…Hanson are back!

Hanson had a big hit as kids in 1997 with MMMBop, but now they are in their 20’s, they may have actually become a credible rock trio.

MMMBop is one of the worst tunes of all time…and if it wasn’t bad enough listening to it, we saw it all the fucking time on MTV.

Brothers Zac, Isaac and Taylor Hanson are performing in London for five dates in June. Those Brits will forgive anything, but I don’t see Hanson coming here any time soon…but I hope I’m wrong.

This is their fifth album, Shout It Out, and some journo’s are calling it ‘brilliant’. It will hit the shelves on June 5th.

Taylor told me, “There are certainly people who get too attached to you. I don’t think you can even take credit for that. There are things we can’t talk about because people would think it is too disturbing but that is just a small group of people.”

If he means that we’d all be stunned by the bands drug taking and orgies, then don’t worry too much about it…most of us could have guessed that was going to happen when we first heard you.

The band Hanson was always one big rehab waiting to happen.

by Wallace McTavish


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