The Smiths won’t be getting back together…yet

JOHNNY MARR seems to have ended hopes that he and Morrissey will re-form The Smiths this year – by starting work on a solo album.

The axeman has worked with The Cribs and Modest Mouse in recent years but has only ever had one proper solo release, 2003’s Boomslang.

A source said: “The chances of a Smiths reunion are slimmer than ever as Johnny’s begun work on a solo album.

“Major labels are interested and it is likely to be released towards the end of the year.” It’s good news. He’s a cracking musician.

It would be nice to see The Smiths back together…even to record a new album.

But it would also be good if they didn’t.

However much the masses want to see them back together, the fact is, that listening to The Smiths was a lonely teenager’s bedroom music…and it’s as simple as that.

Morrissey is rather jolly nowadays, and apparently isn’t celibate anymore…good for him.

It seems Johnny Marr whores himself to anyone who’ll have him.

Andy Rourke will do it because he probably spent his $100,000 on heroin that he got out of being in The Smiths, and I doubt if Morrissey will play with Mike Joyce again…especially after Joyce won a court case over Morrissey and Marr, taking over $1.5 million off them.

But it wouldn’t really matter who the rhythm section would be at the reunion…because it’s only Morrissey and Marr who are wanted to be seen by the masses.

If they played, of course I’d see them, but it wouldn’t replace those lonely teenage years.

by Wallace McTavish


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