The Primitives still ‘Crash’-ingly wonderful

Some might say that they were unlucky to arrive when Rave first turned up on our doorsteps. But I think it was a good thing.

It was a time when white men took Ecstacy and thought they could dance. These E heads also thought they new about music. So it wasn’t so unlucky when The Primitives were in the middle of it all…it made them stand out even more.

If they’d have been around in the Britpop era, they may have been swallowed up with every other band trying to sound like a cross between Blur, Oasis and Supergrass.

But in the midst of the 80’s, they did make an indie classic called Crash.

Back after 18 years, the balding crowd consists almost wholly of men on a pass from family duty, leading to the oldest mosh-pit in town for Crash. They would like to have done some ‘wrecking’ for at least half of the gig, but most of them could only manage two or three songs in the mosh-pit…bless’em.

Singer Tracy Tracy is still slinky in a sparkly catsuit, and she still hangs sexily on the microphone stand and rubs her fingers seductively on the microphone…yeah…she still has lots of sex appeal. But to be fair, not all of their songs have aged well, but there are plenty of hummable pop nuggets, including their come-back single Rattle My Cage.

They’re unlikely to appeal beyond their old fan base but, as an exercise in nostalgia, it has a lot more energy than many other reunions.

by Wallace McTavish


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