The Mrs. Carter Perth Show

Beyonce is Mrs Carter

One of the best concerts to kick off one year since the Perth Arena’s first anniversary. Queen Bey dominated the first show in Perth, with an all-female band, two hour set and not a drip of sweat – it’s no doubt who runs the world. Beyonce.

Or should we say, Mrs. Carter – after all, that’s what she asked the thousands of people that filled the Perth Arena to call her. With her glamourous outfits, bling, strut that screams SWAG and total domination, she owned the stage with ‘Run The World (Girls)’ and that was only the start of what was to come in Beyonce’s show.

Beyonce is Mrs Carter

With all the favourites that we all know and love, Beyonce took us back to the days of her hit, ‘Baby Boy’ with Sean Paul and of course she went there, nostalgic feelings flowed through the arena as she had everyone fist pumping to ‘Survivor’ from the Destiny’s Child days.

Beyonce in PerthIt was half way through the show that Beyonce, strapped into a harness, flew across the Perth Arena to land on a centre stage and sing just a few of her biggest hits. As she belted out ‘Irreplaceable’ in a sequinned blue ball gown, she asked the fans to help her along. It’s a credit to what an amazing artist she is to see the way she acknowledges the crowd and has them involved.

‘Love on Top’ with around 4 different key changes, all female back up dancers and singers was a hit, and of course ‘Crazy in Love’ and ‘Single Ladies’ were total showstoppers with not one person (this includes men) not up on their feet and dancing.

The sexy party scene Queen Bey had set for us slowed down with her short rendition of Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’ that had everyone in complete silence and admiration – before finishing off the 18 song set with acknowledgement to the One Republic boys for helping with the writing of it, the finale.

It was one of her biggest songs of all time, ‘Halo’ and was the perfect end to an outstanding and one of a kind show that Beyonce put on in Perth.

To put it in perspective – Beyonce’s concert is the top show held at the Perth Arena since the doors opened a year ago. She topped Pink and even Rihanna. Now that’s saying something!


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