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Snoop Dogg WON’T be having sprouts at Xmas

Snoop Dogg has been going in for a few changes recently.

He’s launched new reggae alter-ego Snoop Lion, having travelled to Jamaica and recorded with Major Lazer producer Diplo.

The full album is due out next year and a documentary following Snoop’s journey, called Reincarnated, will also be released.

The keen soccer fan has also recently appeared in an animated advert for sports brand Adidas alongside old mate David Beckham and singer Rita Ora.

Here’s a recent interview with the Dogg…

Hi, Snoop. You’re in the new Adidas advert as a cartoon character. What was your favourite cartoon as a kid — and do you still watch them now?

Growing up, I liked Scooby-Doo and Charlie Brown. But I don’t watch cartoons anymore because I star in them! I’m creating one right now, called Baby Dogg. It’s gonna be the shit !

What do you think of the cartoon ad?

I thought it was fly how they brought Ebenezer Snoop and all the other stars to life.

Rita Ora is in the ad with you. Are you a fan? Do you think she can be as big as a singer such as RIHANNA?

Rita Ora is fly and she knows it! She can be whatever she wants to be as long as she stays passionate and keeps working hard.

Rihanna works hard, you hear me? Wattup, Rih Rih!

Which club would you like to see David Beckham play for now he’s left LA Galaxy?

I’d like to see him go back to Manchester United, where it all started for him.

They have a great squad with a legendary coach, a good mix of young talent and veterans like my homeboy Rio Ferdinand. So I think Becks can fit in immediately and help them win it all.

What do you talk about when you two hang out?

I love music and I love sports… especially when I’m in Coach Snoop mode.

What legacy has Becks left in LA?

He brought a lot of excitement to the entire MLS (Major League Soccer), not just LA. LA and southern California has always been big on soccer, but his success over the last few years makes the league a legitimate option for European and South American soccer stars.

A lion is the mascot for South London team Millwall. Will you support them from now on?

Hahahaha… naw!

How many football shirts do you own now?

Too many to count.

‘Rastafari has always been in me’ … Snoop has branched out into reggae

Has it been a challenge becoming a reggae artist?

It’s always a challenge when you’re trying something new. But when the spirit calls you to something, you just have to go with it.

I’m a musical person and Rastafari has always been in me, so I was able to get it together pretty quickly.

What was so great about going to Jamaica and working with Diplo?

My nephew Diplo is a very talented guy. He’s been able to create a really unique sound with Major Lazer and it was a real treat to be where I was and get into a creative space with that guy.

We love the video for La La La, the first Snoop Lion single. How fun was that to film? Did the kids love your lion head?

The kids love the Dogg but they’re loving the Lion too. The video was a lot of fun and I love how director Eli Roth was able to do his thing.

Will you return to rap music at some point?

Yeah. I just put out a new mixtape that’s my work featuring Tha Dogg Pound.

How is your cigar range going? Is it an important new business venture for you?

Executive Branch are the fastest-growing brand of cigarillos in the country. They’re flying off the shelves.

How does Snoop Lion spend Christmas? Do you spoil your kids?

I like to spend Christmas with my family. I’m on the road so much that it’s important that I make time during the holidays.

My kids are very fortunate and I’ve been known to stuff a few stockings at Christmas time.

Do you get involved in cooking Christmas dinner?

Hahaha… I can definitely throw down in the kitchen. I’m an expert breakfast chef and I’m a beast on the grill.

But I leave Christmas and Thanksgiving to the experts.

Are you a fan of Brussels sprouts?

No! I don’t care how much butter they’re soaked in…do not put no Brussels sprouts on my plate!

by Wallace McTavish

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