Shitney Spears is a one trick pony

It has been eight years since Britney Spears and Madonna shocked the world with their steamy onstage kiss on the lips at the MTV awards.

And last night it was a familiar scene as the 29-year-old received a smooch from Rihanna as they performed onstage at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas.


The 23-year old Barbados born singer planted the wet one on Britney’s cheek after they performed her hit single S&M.

Suitably both women were clad in identical bondage style body suit as they took to the stage.

While Britney slipped into the black style of suit, Rihanna opted for white, much like the pantsuit she arrived to the show in.

Britney’s vigorous work-outs for her up-and-coming Femme Fatale tour proved to be paying off, with the blonde looking incredibly toned in her stage costume. But Rihanna was way hotter…and of course…she’s way more talented, too.

Bri-shitney isn’t fit to wipe Rihanna’s arse…she’s living in her shadow in every way.
While Britney lip-synch her parts in the song, her stage antics were nothing less than crowd pleasing and the pair certainly didn’t disappoint with their very steamy performance.
by Wallace MvTavish



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