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Ruby and Jessica in erotic Veronicas new video

Girlfriends Ruby Rose and Jessica Origliasso have been filmed together having a bath for the steamy new Veronicas music video.

They play lovers in The Veronicas new single ‘On Your Side’.


Ruby and Jessica dated each other back in 2008, but have been dating again for the last month or so. They are reportedly in love ‘all over again’.


The video is about two women who are struggling against drug addiction.

But you know what’s funny?

This ‘story’ is about the steamy video of two women who are struggling against drug addiction, and the fact that the two women in the video are real-life girlfriends – the song hasn’t been mentioned once…and I’ll tell you why.

I have managed to hear a preview of the song from start to finish. And I cannot report what the song is like because it is instantly forgettable.

The only thing you’ll remember about this single that’s been released is the video, and quite possibly this ‘story’…saying how pointless the song is.

The Veronicas have had a couple of half-decent pop songs in the past, but in reality, just aren’t very good…just like this song.

by Wallace McTavish



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