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Rihanna shines bright in Sydney

As the rumble of Rihanna’s opening song ‘Mother Mary’ teases the crowd, her fans can’t contain their excitement…even fellow US star Jason Derulo waves to the heaving crowd, causing an eruption of cheers and instant social media updates.

Rihanna in Sydney

The black curtain snaps down to reveal Rihanna on her knees in a moment of solace and innocence in front of a statue of Mother Mary…but that’s where the innocence ends.

The rest of the show is a sweaty, grinding journey…and the crowd loves it!

The Bajan singer treats us to a sample of her reggae roots with ‘You Da One’ and ‘Man Down’ before asking the crowd one question ‘What Now’? As she preaches to the masses, Rihanna gives us an insight into her current views on romance…after singing about falling in love she adds, ‘fuck that’.

As Riri delivers her hit song ‘Rude Boy’, absolutely no one in the arena can stay in their seats…everyone is on their feet, hands in the air and all eyes are fixed on Rihanna as she shows Miley who the queen of twerking REALLY is.

The fans wait for the next song to come out of those plump, Persian blue lips and it’s chart topper after chart topper as the stage literally changes before our eyes with LED screens gracefully altering and transforming the arena from a faux jail to a diamond trimmed dais and at one point flames erupt from the very floor, framing the singer in a blazing tribute to her onstage persona.

There’s no doubt every fan walked away intoxicated by the sensory overload of the show… as the crowd chatter praises Riri for her unapologetic stance on being a seductress, a strong woman – but above all…a luminous superstar…

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