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Pound aren’t your usual shit

Gozzy Rock 2011 is here.

It’s a kind of small X-factor type thing, and it’s held in Gosnells in Western Australia. I’ve been going to this for years and sometimes there’s a load of shit, and sometimes there’s hope…and very rarely…there’s a small spark that could maybe start a wonderful fire that everyone will be able to feel the heat from on a cold winters night.

There is a band called Pound, who play tonight in Thornlie. They made it through the first round with their demo and…to be quite honest…they’re not ugly…but they’re not too good looking either.

But that doesn’t actually matter. Because in today’s aesthetically pleasing world, Pound seem to stick out…in a good way.

I caught up with the band last week and I’ve actually met some of them before. Rich (vocals, guitar) used to play in a band called Liquor and…I’ve seen Liquor hanging out with Blur, of all people. Don’t know what they were doing hanging out with them, and quite frankly I don’t want to know. It was a few years ago I must admit.

I’ve also met Mark (guitar) and John (drums) who have been in cover bands since they first learnt to walk. And fuck me…they can play. They really are the dynamic duo, and apparently they also look good wearing their underpants outside their trousers.

Dan (bass), I’d never met before. And, to be honest…I don’t think I’m ever going to meet anyone like Dan again. I wanted to find out about what they’ve been up to and Dan gave me a ‘blow-by-blow’ description of his latest conquest…the deviant that he is. And I don’t think I need to tell you that it’s a better read than a Mills & Boon novel.

Pound write honest songs which is like…well, it’s very hard to explain. It’s very difficult to be original nowadays, and when you hear them, yes you may hear Queens Of The Stone Age, The Pixies, maybe a bit of The Beatles and even the ramshackle of The Libertines can be heard.

They will be playing 4 songs tonight, and I heard them in rehearsals, although, they only played me two songs…Animal and Bleed.

Animal is a fucking raw song…it feels like you’ve been stabbed and now the knife is cutting you from the inside. Bleed is a very heartfelt sounding song…I don’t think it matters what the words are because it comes across as real.

But they all have their influences, as does everyone, and it comes out as…Pound.

They’re on first tonight at 6:00pm and are up against some probably talented, and also probably rather forgettable bands.

Hopefully they will get through to the final, because I think that Australia needs to see them perform…although if they don’t get through, I doubt if they will even care.

by Wallace McTavish

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  1. Buford Balony i think its pretty safe to say that if the first thing you think of is guys pounding eachother up the ass when you think of the word pound then you my shallow minded little cock jockey are probably a raging homosexual yourself and need to just accept this and come out of the closet.. its ok, i’m sure your friends and family have probably known for years they just keep up with the charade to keep you happy. don’t be afraid little fairy show your true colours and let your fruit flag fly!!

  2. At least i have the balls to use my real name.You are either in pound or love being pounded.Probably both.

    • and buford balony is your REAL name!!!?? ohh man you poor poor thing no wonder you turned to pounding men up the arse haha

  3. Won’t know for a week and a half…….listen……this is Gozzy Rock, so it’s not really this massive life changing competition. The other bands on the night were….well….one band wasn’t bad, one was shit…and I mean proper shit….and the other band had wonderful singers, but in all cases…the songs and bands were all boring. Pound aren’t the best thing since sliced bread….far from it, but at least they’ve got a bit of life to them. Good luck to them…I hope they get through.

  4. What sort of name is Yo Yo?I reckon they will get flushed Sally & i’ll be pressing the button.Just have a look at the photo,if Tool wasn’t already a band it would definately be the right description for this lot.Look at the guy with the sunnies on,what’s he looking at,tosser.The other bands on the night were so superior it wasn’t funny,so Maxine they will need all the luck in the world.

    • Buford…..you’re a dick….I don’t know whoooooo would sleep with you. I sleep with anyone, and I wouldn’t touch you with a barge pole. Pound are a great band…..actually a lot of bands in the Gozzy Rock comp are fantastic.
      oh…..btw….have you got a big cock??

  5. Buford, how would you know if they were good or not? Werent you out that night hunting muskrats with a broken beer bottle?

  6. Yeah,i caught Maxine,she looks like a muskrat.I used my cock as bait or was that a broken beer bottle,she wouldn’t know the difference.

  7. Oh Danny,you must really love Pound or getting pounded.With a name like Thunderpants i’d say it’s getting pounded.As they say,the bigger the hole,the bigger the thunder.

  8. hahaha Buford you’re a douche hole you really need to lay off the pipe son! are you mocking the guy in the sunnies cause you secretly want him and maybe you even tried to make a move on the night and you got shot down!?? poor little fairy all the rejection must be getting to you and making you crazy you raging queen!

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