Pete Doherty living in a Wine-house

AMY WINEHOUSE and PETE DOHERTY living together is the worst idea I’ve heard in months.

Just when the pair are getting their lives and careers back on track, Wino invites her old boozing buddy to move in with her.

The Back To Black singer has offered THE LIBERTINES frontman a room in her new Camden home once it is refurbished because he’s got nowhere to live in London.

This sounds like a recipe for disaster.

The last time they spent a lot of time together they ended up off their nuts posting videos on YouTube surrounded by a load of cats.

Even if the stars have cleaned up their acts, they’ve both got the most addictive personalities in music.

A source said: “Amy has offered Pete a place to stay while he’s in London working on The Libertines comeback.

“She thinks a lot of him and they’ve been through a lot together so she wants to help him out. But pals are worried because they are bad influences on each other.”

With his old frontman CARL BARAT by his side, Pete pulled off a spectacular comeback at the weekend’s Reading and Leeds festivals which also earned the band up to a million quid.

I had my doubts but it does seem he has turned over a new leaf and he’s determined to be successful again.

Even after their festival warm-up gig last week, Pete opted to play Monopoly rather than get leathered.

But it’s still too soon for the musician to go moving in with Wino.

Her fella REG TRAVISS also isn’t too keen on the idea. Perhaps that’s part of the reason he didn’t accompany her to a family do on Sunday night.

Amy performed with her former cabbie dad MITCH at her older brother Alex’s engagement party.

It went well for Amy, with witnesses telling me her voice is back up to scratch.


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