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Oh no…Gozzy Rock 2012 is here

You know what I think about this dreadful competition, but it’s here upon us once again.

Gozzy Rock 2012 state: “Calling on all original unsigned bands, come and be a part of history in the making! Gozzy Rock celebrates it’s 25th year in 2012 and it’s set to be a big one”.

In reality, this means there’s been 25 years of utter shit…and ‘set to be a big one’ makes me laughed my fucking tits off.

There’s nothing big about this, it’s shit, shit and more shit. This is making a mockery of music.

Like a mug…I did look at the first heat…desperately wanting to see or hear something of substance. Really, I would’ve taken anything…but it is all so dreadfully dire. The bands who performed don’t even deserve a mention.

And if there were bands in the competition last year who are in it this year, then you must be the sadest cunts ever to have formed a band…and I use the name ‘band’ in the very loosest of terms.

Gozzy Rock 2012……DON’T BOTHER!

by Wallace McTavish

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