Noel Gallagher owes Johnny Marr a fortune

Johnny Marr has revealed that Noel Gallagher owes him a fortune in rent.

The Smiths former axeman said the ex Oasis chief stayed at his home rent free during the ’90s.

But the guitarist said he couldn’t face charging his friend rent and taking on landlord duties. He said, “I had a place in London up until about ’97, ’98 when Noel Gallagher vacated it, because I’d let him borrow it for a couple of years. I couldn’t be bothered being anyone’s landlord. I think he owes me a lot in back rent. At what, £2,000 a week?”

The pair are long-term friends and both are Manchester City fans.

Marr recently teamed up with Best Coast and Tom Vek for a new side project.

Meanwhile, tickets for Noel Gallagher’s ‘High Flying Birds’ arena dates went on sale a couple of days ago with his debut solo album.

by Wallace McTavish


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