N-Dubz are hip-hopping their way to success

North London based hip-hop trio N-Dubz make some good sounds and are probably the one of the, if not the, biggest hip-hop bands in the UK at the moment.

Rapper Dappy likes remote controlled helicopters, Richard ‘Frazer Rawson is a cocky bloke who walks around bare-chested and then there is Tulisa Contostavlos who has to cope with the two boys in the band.

They have become almost impossible to ignore. N-Dubz, named after their NW postcode, have sold over 1.5 million record sales in the last year. They’ve had top 10 singles, I Need You and We Dance, sell out tours, platinum albums etc., etc.

Dappy and Tulisa are cousins and their best mate is Frazer. They’ve done a bit of hotel trashing, drug scandals and there’s also criminal convictions in there somewhere.Tulisa reckons she’s a good girl and states that she’s the one who has to keep Dappy in line. The band are only into cigarettes and alcohol and she’s never done coke. It’s funny, but no one was asking if she’d done coke, so why deny, I hear you say.

But I must admit, she does come across as a very articulate and warm person. Down to earth and very honest.

She’s over men and says that they’re all cheaters, but she’s only twenty-two. Tulisa also says that she can never trust a guy. Apparently she was counting the condoms by the side of her boyfriends bed and basically it didn’t add up. Well, you know, not all blokes are crap at maths. She said she’ll never fall in love, well all I can say is, ‘Never Say Never’.

Tulisa’s mum has  mental health problems and she has been looking after her. There was a BBC3 documentary, Tulisa: My Mum And Me. It showed the painful journey that she’s been through as a child looking after her mum who has a schizo-affective order, which means that you get extreme highs and extreme lows.

Dappy has one child and his girlfriend Kate is pregnant with their second.

He says that he’s like to stay faithful but it’s difficult when girls are throwing themselves at you. He’s only 5 feet and 2 inches tall and would dump his girlfriend if she was unfaithful…aaah…bless him, he sound so wonderful.

Frazer’s iPod has a varied selection of music on it.Phil Collins, Sting and Fleetwood Mac for a start.

His ambition is to have a song that’s still played in 25 years time, and I suppose that is the only way to judge a song if you’re signed up and being successful. And they have been very successful so far.

Frazer has brought a house in West London and is in the middle of purchasing a house in North London. In a few years time he reckons he’ll have 10 houses.

Frazer and Dappy have put their bad past behind them. Frishot,stabbed,London,life,urban,ends have been shot and stabbed and…well, it’s like, typical urban London life, really. But at least they’s doing the right thing and they’re out of that scene.

It’s amazing…you can always tell a band’s made it. That’s when the public, the punters want to know about the band…when the music alone is not good enough any more.

N-Duz is loud, chaotic, in your face music…and there’s nothing much more to be said than that.

by Wallace McTavish


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